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Self Publishing Costs

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Move to Self-Insuring Will Lead to Lower Profits for Carriers, Industry Experts Predict in AIS Newsl

By Boartsalmit

...Industry experts, in the Feb. 20, 2014 issue of Atlantic Information Services’s Inside Health Insurance Exchanges, predict a move to self-insuring if states let large employers on exchanges in 2017, leading to lower profits for carriers....

Introducing Screwpulp, Self-Publishing Platform

By Buffyrentis

...Memphis startup introduces a new way for authors to self publish....

New Service Helps Self-Published and Indie Authors Get More Reviews for Their Books

By Earshop

...A new website, was launched in October 2012 and allows authors to post their book for review. Averaging over 100 hits per day, this website is quickly helping authors reach reviewers and readers....

Author JF Garrard Told Multiculturalism is Dead

By AnimeDarth

...Kickstarter Project Tackles Lack of Diversity in the Fantasy Book Genre...

Consider Becoming Weledo Approved Distributor

By Alfally

...You can now join the Weledo team, with little or no investment as an individual, business or community operator. And start making change for your self and your community....

The Aquillrelle Children Poetry Contest 2

By Aquillrelle

...The Aquillrelle Children Poetry Contest 2 is open, details on our Children contest page. The submission period ends once we have selected 100 entries....

The How to Create an eBook Guide helps people take control of their future by learning how to write eBook!

By Jason Lee

...How to Create an eBook - Secure Your Financial Freedom! guides you step-by-step through the process of creating a SUCCESFUL eBOOK that sells thousands of copies!...

How To Create an Ebook Guides helps people make money online!

By Jason Lee shows you the entire process of creating your very own eBook. Learn not just how to create an ebook, but how to create a SUCCESFUL eBOOK that sells thousands of copies!...

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